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Increase your revenue by learning more about your clients through public data.
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Enrichment of profiles through public data

In order to hyper-personalize customer experience, Victor & Charles puts together an up to date and contextualized client profile enabling a customized conversation with each client, identifying the potential of the prospective clients in real time.

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Integrate the enriched data
directly into your CRM software

Our software solution thoroughly examines all the public information found on the internet to create an updated client profile, directly integrated into your CRM, for real time use. The data enhanced by Victor & Charles are updated automatically so that you benefit from the best of customer knowledge at all times.

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For every company needing to personalize their customer experience, Victor & Charles provides a solution of client knowledge through public data, directly integrated into the CRM, to be used in real time.

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Our team
Founded in 2015, Victor & Charles has gathered a team of experts in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Stephane Fadda



Alexandre Henneuse

Co-founder & COO


Romain Nkounkou

Co-founder & Head of Sales


Antoine Le Floc'h


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